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Making Sense of ‘localisation’ in Sudan

The Conflict Sensitivity Facility (CSF) released the following working paper, Making sense of ‘localisation’ in Sudan, it identifies and explores themes that are relevant to aid’s conflict sensitivity. Please note that this paper was written before conflict erupted in Sudan on…

23 May 2023 Resource

GISF Snapshot Annual Report | January – December 2022

The GISF Snapshot Annual Report January – December 2022 features some of GISF’s highlights of 2022 and serves to inform members, donors and stakeholders of the impact GISF has had on NGO security management during the reporting period. This is…

7 Feb 2023 Resource

Horn of Africa Conflict Hunger and Aid Security December 2022

This report looks at examples of conflict events that have affected aid access and humanitarian efforts to address food insecurity in Ethiopia. It highlights how disinformation campaigns can undermine aid agencies’ humanitarian principles and how the increasing use of remotely…

23 Jan 2023 Resource

Security Institute Diversity & Inclusion Survey Analysis

In 2021, the first year of the Security Institute (SI) Inclusive Security Special Interest Group (ISSIG), a Diversity & Inclusion survey for the sector was carried out. The survey received 760 responses, of which 549 were from within the Security…

22 Dec 2022 Resource

Signal Alert

Signal Alert is an occasional publication of the Aid Security Database to inform the humanitarian sector of a statistically significant trend, change, or outlier detected in the security environment for aid operations.

21 Dec 2022 Resource

Global Risk Analysis

ACAPS has released its latest Global Risk Analysis. This report outlines ten key contexts where a notable deterioration in humanitarian needs may occur within the next six months. ACAPS analysts conduct daily monitoring and independent analysis of more than 150…

19 Oct 2022 Resource