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Global Risk Analysis

ACAPS has released its latest Global Risk Analysis. This report outlines ten key contexts where a notable deterioration in humanitarian needs may occur within the next six months. ACAPS analysts conduct daily monitoring and independent analysis of more than 150…

19 Oct 2022 Resource

The State of the Humanitarian System

The State of the Humanitarian System 2022 looks at the period from January 2018 to December 2021, as well as drawing comparisons with our previous editions to take a 15-year long view. It assesses the size, shape and performance of…

19 Sep 2022 Resource

Aid Worker Security Report 2022 – Collateral violence

This year’s report presents the latest verified statistics on attacks against aid workers. The report also examines the type of security incidents that involve what is often called collateral damage, which includes airstrikes, shelling, landmines, unexploded ordnance and other remnants…

19 Sep 2022 Resource

Risk Management Under Uncertainty During the Afghanistan Crisis 2021

The rapid Taliban takeover of Kabul in summer 2021 stunned the world, defying the expectations of casual onlookers and experts alike. The humanitarian response was an extreme example of crisis decision-making under conditions of radical uncertainty. This study seeks to…

16 Sep 2022 Resource

Ukraine: Humanitarian access constraints at the oblast level

This report provides an oblast-level analysis of access constraints in Ukraine to inform humanitarian responders and provide a comparison of access dynamics across different oblasts. This analysis is based on a severity model developed by ACAPS using the internal data…

30 Aug 2022 Resource