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Humanitarian Outcomes | Figures at a Glance 2023

This report presents the latest verified statistics on aid worker violence from Humanitarian Outcomes’ Aid Worker Security Database. This preview gives updated numbers and trends through 2022. To access this resource, please download it using then link on the left.

27 Jul 2023 Resource

NRC | Sudan: One Hundred Days of War

A blend of first-hand observations from the ground, survivors’ testimonies and a literature review, this report reflects on the first 100 days of the war in Sudan. It is an urgent call for change and unwavering dedication to rebuilding the…

27 Jul 2023 Resource

SHCC | South Sudan: Violence Against Health Care in Conflict 2022

The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC) identified 24 incidents of violence against or obstruction of health care in South Sudan in 2022, a similar number to 29 recorded in 2021. At least 20 health workers were kidnapped and 10…

12 Jul 2023 Resource

OCHA | Sudan Humanitarian Access Situation Report (April – May 2023)

This resource provides an overview of humanitarian access within Sudan for the month of May, highlighting a number of key challenges faced by humanitarian aid workers, including increased violence, armed hostilities and bureaucratic impediments. To access this resource, please download…

12 Jul 2023 Resource

OCHA | Afghanistan: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (May 2023)

This resource provides an overview of humanitarian access in Afghanistan. In May 2023, there were significant challenges to accessing vulnerable populations in Afghanistan. The majority of incidents involved interference in the implementation of humanitarian activities by the de-facto authorities, leading…

29 Jun 2023 Resource

Risk Sharing Framework

The Risk Sharing Platform, co-led by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ICRC, and InterAction, was established in 2021. It aims to improve the way organizations share risk and better support affected people. The platform developed a Risk Sharing…

29 Jun 2023 Resource

ICVA | Building Safer Organisations

These Guidelines are designed to assist staff in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who conduct and manage investigations into sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) of people of concern by humanitarian staff. https://www.interaction.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/icva-saferguidelines-feb07.pdf  

19 Jun 2023 Resource