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What is Risk? NGO perspectives and implications for aid worker security

NGO Security Management

The interesting basis for this query is how, at relatively the same time, numerous organisations have concluded that security risk management (SRM) needs attention. Certainly, current world events, prolonged conflicts in Mozambique, Yemen or the Central African Republic, or the…

Blog 2023

Maintaining a Commitment to Communities in Haiti

Context Analysis

We recently spoke with Prospery Raymond, the country representative for several NGOs operating in Haiti, who shared insights on the current operating environment. Q: How have challenges in Haiti impacted your ability to operate? Prospery: Firstly,…

Blog 2022

Glamour and Blitz: a woman in security in the Middle East

Context Analysis, Gender, Inclusivity

I find myself at crossroads in my career, as my diverse background and desire to provide a safe and secure environment for those in need has exhausted its mission in the corporate world. I hope to put my…

Blog 2022