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Security, Resilience, and the Humanitarian Sector

Training, Wellbeing

What is resilience? Resilience is a term that is increasingly used in the humanitarian sector, whether in relation to security risk management (SRM), staff well-being or business (operational) continuity. However, we rarely discuss what the term actually means. The Oxford…

Blog 2022

NGOs Need to Take Responsibility for their Private Security Contracting Practices

Acceptance, NGO Security Management, Private Security Providers

Over the last decade, many humanitarian organisations have increasingly used private security providers (PSPs) to manage security risks. Generally, contracted guards posted in front of compounds are the most visible manifestation of this and have become part of the daily…

Blog 2021

The Future of Operational Security in Afghanistan

Context Analysis, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management, Policy Guidance, Safety

The current Taliban does not resemble the Taliban pre-2001, having a different structure, size, and more disjointed belief system. Those who have worked in areas under Taliban control post-invasion should make sure they do not rely on assumptions about how…

Blog 2021

Living in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan as a Female Afghan Aid Worker

Gender, Human Rights, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management, Safety

GISF’s Research and Communications Assistant, Chiara Jancke, spoke to a female Afghan aid worker who is still in Afghanistan. For more than a decade, Farah [Anonymous] has worked for national and international NGOs (INGOs), including on women’s rights programmes and…

Blog 2021

World Humanitarian Day 2021: protecting aid workers in a time of climate crises

Climate, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, Inclusivity, NGO Security Management, Local Action

The last days have tested the humanitarian community. At a time where we’re still learning how to adapt to Covid-19, NGOs are trying to understand how to stay in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and deliver aid to the 18 million…

Blog 2021