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Glamour and Blitz: a woman in security in the Middle East

Context Analysis, Gender, Inclusivity

I find myself at crossroads in my career, as my diverse background and desire to provide a safe and secure environment for those in need has exhausted its mission in the corporate world. I hope to put my…

Blog 2022

Managing a Cyber Security Crisis: digital resilience in the aid sector


International organisations are increasingly aware of the evolving technological landscape in hyperconnected societies and the implications for protecting data and digital supply chains. With the rise of connected societies, easy access to cyber-crime tools and big data disrupt…

Blog 2022

Collaborating, Learning, and Breaking Down Silos: GISF’s Autumn Forum 2022

Acceptance, Civil-Military, Communications, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management, Safety, Access, Partnerships

Conversations on collaboration One conversation delved into the importance of civil-military coordination through the lens of contextual analysis and research. The session began with an exploration of the situation in Ethiopia and the impact of civil-military relationships on access in…

Blog 2022

Ten years on: learning from the Steve Dennis case

Duty of Care

Why now? It’s been ten years since a complex incident in Kenya prompted significant change within NGO SRM. The repercussions of the incident, particularly the court case brought by one affected, Steve Dennis, have been…

Blog 2022

Sharing Risk for Equitable Partnerships: a case study from Nigeria

NGO Security Management, Local Action

Previously, CBM merely invested in the security and safeguarding of its own staff. Offices and vehicles needed to be protected. Staff required training. While CBM staff occasionally travel in insecure areas, partner staff face the brunt of security…

Blog 2022