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More than Moneypenny: Women are Leaders in Security

On Monday 8th March, Frances Nobes, Senior Security Advisor at World Vision, wrote a blog for International Women’s Day. In this blog, Frances shares her experience of being a woman in security, how the security landscape is changing, and how…

11 Mar 2021 Resource

Risk Management – Pressures of work

 This RedR ‘talking point’ video shows the pressures and realities of working in a hostile environment. The clip focuses on the vulnerabilities towards aid workers when working alone.

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Context Assessment – Staff Vulnerability

In this Red R ‘taking point’ video Katy Barnett, former senior training officer for RedR, discusses staff vulnerability. Katy talks about the dual impacts of  context and gender-based security risks. The vulnerability of female aid workers operating in society’s that…

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Tea and Consent

This video uses tea as a metaphor to explain sexual consent.  

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Armed Vehicle Ambush

Aid worker, Jessica Buchanan shares her story of an armed vehicle ambush in Somalia.   

25 Jan 2021 Resource