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NGO Security Management

Office Closure

Office Closure (2013) considers the processes required to close an office or programme while minimising risks to staff, the organisation, and programmes. This Guide is intended for use in either a planned closure, or a closure which is forced by contextual…

24 Apr 2013 Resource

The Cost of Security Risk Management for NGOs

The Cost of Security Risk Management for NGOs (2013) explores the costs related to safety and security management for aid programmes. It aims to assist all aid practitioners to determine their risk management expenditure more accurately, and demonstrate an evidence-based…

15 Mar 2013 Resource

Family First: Liaison and support during a crisis

Family First: Liaison and support during a crisis addresses the stages of planning, delivery and review of Family Support by an NGO during a crisis. It is intended for CMT staff who must support the family liaison process, as well as…

1 Feb 2013 Resource

La famille avant tout : soutien et liaison en situation de crise

En assurant la liaison et en apportant un soutien à la famille, on peut jouer un rôle vital dans la résolution d’une crise, en veillant à ce que l’organisation puisse organiser une réponse concertée, à ce que l’information soit gérée…

1 Feb 2013 Resource

Incident Statistics in Aid Worker Safety and Security Management

Over the past decade we have seen the increased circulation of safety and security incident-related numbers and statistics. Incident statistics on safety and security are useful tools for organisations to provide them with information on the changing nature of threats,…

13 Mar 2012 Resource

Open NGO Security Policy

Guideline provided by the Centre for Safety and Development (2011). This NGO Security Policy is for guidance only, for small NGOs without field offices or expats. It has to be tailored to the characteristics of your organisation, mandate and context.

1 May 2011 Resource