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Video: SIDA Conference on Humanitarian Action – Panel Discussion

Panel discussion at the SIDA Conference on Humanitarian Action. Discussion with Per Byman (Radiohjälpen), Per Lundberg (Sida), Lisa Reilly (European Interagency Security Forum) and Christopher Bodine (US Navy). September 25-26, 2014 – SIDA Partnership Forum, Härnösand (Sweden)

21 Nov 2014 Resource

The UK’s review of humanitarian aid: an agenda of radical change?

This two page document by the ODI (Overseas Development Institute, 2011) summarises the Humanitarian Emergency Response Review (HERR) commissioned by the UK government to look into how the UK should respond to rapid-onset humanitarian emergencies. It claims the HERR gives a very…

1 Apr 2011 Resource

Humanitarian Emergency Response Review: UK Government Response

“Lord Ashdown’s Humanitarian Emergency Response Review (HERR) has raised the bar for the UK Government. It has given direction, reminded us of key principles and outlined a new approach to ensure we are fit to respond to emergencies in the…

1 Jan 2011 Resource

Strategic Conflict Assessment: North Caucasus

This Strategic Conflict Assessment study (SCA), undertaken by Anton Ivanov (2009), contains an assessment of the current conflict and cooperation dynamics in the North Caucasus with a focus on developments in the region that have taken place since the previous…

1 Jan 2009 Resource