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Security Awareness & First Aid 1-day Refresher (HEAT) Training

Security Awareness & First Aid 1-day Refresher (HEAT) Training table
Start date26 May 2022
End date26 May 2022
Time3:20 am BST |10:20 PM EDT
Provider International Location Safety (ILS)
Type HEAT, Personal, Security, Personal Security, First aid, Field Security, Humanitarian
Booking URLhttps://www.locationsafety.com/safa-refresher-booking-form

For those travelling to high risk and remote environments, it is critically important to maintain your personal security awareness and first aid knowledge.

The ILS one day residential skills refresher course is very practical. It utilises their huge training area to refresh many of the skills learnt on their standard 3-day SAFA (HEAT) course, but also builds on those skills to provide a new, deeper level of knowledge.

On this course, learning is done through experience, delegates are immersed in engaging simulations that work across the three ILS learning strands; ‘human’ security, ‘hard’ or physical security and first aid. Their simulations are then followed by a thorough, immediate debriefing process.

This training programme is suitable for those who completed the ILS SAFA training up to three years ago. They do accept delegates from other programmes but would ask that you contact ILS upon enrolment so that they can ensure this is the right training for you.


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