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Security Awareness Drivers

Security Awareness Drivers table
Start date3 Mar 2022
End date4 Mar 2022
Provider PMO Security Risk Management (PMO-SRM)
Type Personal, Security, Other, Personal Security, First aid, Field Security
Cost$575 per participant or *$625 w/accommodation
Booking URLhttps://pmo-srm.org/security-awareness-for-drivers/

Drivers are the backbone of the organisation. They are responsible for moving staff under often difficult circumstances. Statistics tell that the majority of safety incidents for humanitarian organisations are during vehicle travel. It takes one person who is not trained for a minor safety
incident to turn into a serious or crisis-level situation, and therefore it is important that drivers receive training too. PMO SRM offers a 2-day contextualised security awareness training for drivers to better protect themselves and other staff during vehicle movement.

Course Modules:

  • Travel and road safety:
  • Driver responsibility & the law
  • Movement and field visits
  • Organizational driving policy
  • IHL & IHRL
  • Vehicle and movement SOPs
  • Planning and movement
  • Communication
  • Driving and vehicle safety
  • Basic maintenance
  • Medical emergency
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Defensive tactical driving techniques
  • Driving in Dangerous Environments

*All modules include practical components with a heavy focus on driving exercises

After the course, the participants will have:

  • Significantly improved safety and security awareness
  • Awareness of how to mitigate local risks
  • Basic knowledge of IHL principles
  • Increased awareness of driving safety and encountering checkpoints
  • Increased awareness of dealing with armed actors
  • Insight into the significance of contingency plans and SOPs
  • How to avoid and how to manage if confronted with mines, UXOs, and improvised explosive devices


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