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Safe Travel Course

Safe Travel Course table
Start date29 Sep 2022
End date30 Sep 2022
Time8:30 am BST |3:30 AM EDT
Provider CSD - Centre for Safety and Development
LocationSoesterberg, Netherlands
Type First aid, High incident behaviour, High risk area movement, Incident Reporting, Personal safety and security, Situational awareness, Security, Personal Security
Booking URLhttps://centreforsafety.org/course/basic-course-light/

The Safe Travel Course (formerly Basic Course Light) prepares you for travelling and working in dangerous areas

When you travel and work abroad, you want to focus on your mission. You do not want to worry if you can handle an aggressive situation or deal with a medical emergency.

Are you fully prepared for working and travelling in low to medium risk areas? Are you capable of dealing with victims of a car accident, surviving a robbery or dealing with a corrupt official?

The Safe Travel Course enables you to deal with such situations with confidence and determination. We give you the tools and confidence to deal with such issues. Using practical exercises in a safe learning environment we give you a steep learning experience.

Learning through practical exercises

  • We believe that the steepest learning curve is obtained by practical exercises.
  • Our specialists offer you the chance to respond to threatening situations in a safe environment.
  • These exercises will help you know your personal reaction to dangerous situations. Together, we navigate these situations and through practical feedback learn how to manage them.

Safe learning environment

Anyone can take part in our training. Your personal safety and well-being are our primary concerns. Before and during the course, you can share prior experiences with the trainers or the host. They can discreetly adapt the course for you to make sure this will be the best and safest learning experience you ever had.

Because there is a host (apart from the trainers) we make sure you can take a time-out whenever you need one. Out of the situation and the group, the host is able to support you. If you need extra personal guidance, there is time for additional support.

Your own professional medical kit and instruction cards

During the course, you will receive a medical emergency kit to take along on your next missions. The content of the kit is specially selected for remote areas without nearby proper medical facilities. During the Medical Accident Control module, you will be taught how to use these medical materials.

You will also receive instruction cards. On these waterproof and compact information cards, you will find a summary of the most important modules of the Safe Travel Course. You can carry these cards with you on your mission and use them as a quick reminder in case the need arises.


  • Security Awareness
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Personal Risk Profile
  • Dealing with Aggression
  • Medical Accident Control
  • Basic Life Support (AEDs and CPR)
  • Exercises


  • Duration: 2 days (16 hours)
  • Programme day 1: 08:30 – 17:30
  • Programme day 2: 08:30 – 16:30
  • Breakdown of time: 30% theory, 70% practical exercises
  • Group size: maximum 14 (during simulations maximum of 7)
  • Dietary wishes: vegetarian/vegan/halal/other meals
  • Certification: on completion of the course you will receive a certificate.
  • Keep your training up to date: we ensure that your training stays current by offering you a free e-learning programme after one year.
  • Acceptance: You can join this course without pre-training.


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