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PFST – Personal Field Security Training (Sécurité Personnelle sur le terrain)

PFST – Personal Field Security Training (Sécurité Personnelle sur le terrain) table
Start date23 Nov 2020
End date26 Nov 2020
Time9:00 am GMT |4:00 AM EST
Provider OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting
LocationJambville, France
Type Personal, Security
CostContact us for tailored pricing (depending on group size, discount for National NGO...)
Booking URLhttps://othersolutions.net/training/open-sessions/

This training was specifically designed for aid workers working in or travelling to medium/high-risk environments or remote areas in order to increase their level of awareness and preparedness and allow them to help beneficiaries while increasing their own safety. It’s goal is simple: providing a set of tools for the participants to prepare effectively for the management of their personal security in their working environment.

More specifically, it is intended to provide Awareness of the practical realities, Knowledge of basic tools and Skills for managing personal security abroad in the frame of aid operations.
These 3 components are used internationally under the acronym AKS.

Components of the training
To meet these objectives, the training course has four mutually reinforcing components:
• Theoretical sessions, aimed at consolidating methods (pre-departure checklist, do’s and don’ts in violent situations, etc.);
• Practical sessions, aimed at training in basic practices (first aid, radio protocols, etc.);
• Simulations, which aim to transfer the use of the above-mentioned methods and practices in a tangible framework;
• Validation and feedback sessions (debriefings and key takeaways).

Topics addressed:
• Personal security
• Preparation of the mission
• National Staff
• First Aid
• Communications
• Threats when traveling in vehicles
• Orientation
• Personal risk assessment
• Incident reporting
• Hibernation, Evacuation, Relocation
• Sexual aggression
• Weapons in the field
• Hostage situation and kidnapping
• Dealing with aggressive behavior
• Operations (Food Distribution example)

This training is provided with Covid-19 safety measures and include PPE for all participants.

3 certificates will be delivered on completion of the training: Highfield, Emergency First Response & HPass Badge.

Audience: This training is suitable for every Humanitarian worker present in the field.


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