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Personal Safety Awareness Training – Ukrainian (Online)

Personal Safety Awareness Training – Ukrainian (Online) table
Start date16 Jan 2023
End date20 Jan 2023
Time10:00 am GMT |5:00 AM EST
Provider International Location Safety (ILS)
Type Virtual, Personal, Security, Personal Security, Field Security, Gender, Humanitarian, Online training, HEAT, High risk area movement, Personal safety and security, Risk and threat management, Situational awareness
Booking URLhttps://www.locationsafety.com/personal-safety-awareness-training

1 Week • 10 Modules • Instructor-led online course

This tailored online, instructor-led, ‘Personal Safety and Security – Ukraine Response’ course is a 10-module course delivered over 5 x 180-minute sessions. It has been specifically designed for Ukrainians in Ukrainian by our multi-disciplinary team of specialist humanitarian and security trainers to respond to the current crisis. It covers the key classroom learning objectives of a Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) course, in an online format specifically contextualised to the Ukrainian context – combining experiential learning, knowledge sharing, group exercises and discussions with classroom-based presentations.

Learners will:

  • Enhance their safety and security awareness to increase confidence when on the ground in Ukraine.
  • Examine options to reduce the likelihood and impact of common safety or security incidents occurring while on the ground.
  • Plan to enhance security during road travel, in their accommodation and in relation to common threats.
  • Analyse common emotional, mental health risks and coping strategies.
  • Improve their ability to conduct their work effectively, fulfilling their objectives and those of their organisation.

The course fee payable is for the 5 x 3 hour live webinar sessions over the 5 day period.

PRICES QUOTED INCLUDE UK VAT at 20%. If you are purchasing this on behalf of an organisation that has trading activities, is based outside of the UK (EU or Non EU) and pays local VAT please contact us info@locationsafety.com as you may be eligible to pay minus UK VAT


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