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Organisational Resilience and Business Continuity Management Course

Organisational Resilience and Business Continuity Management Course table
Start date16 Aug 2021
End date19 Aug 2021
Time8:30 am EDT |1:30 PM BST
Provider RSM Corp
LocationWarrenton, United States
Type Personal, Crisis, Security, Security Risk Management, Strategic Leadership, Personal Security, Field Security, Crisis management, Gender
Cost$4,304 USD (GISF members receive a 10% discount)
Booking URL

The Advanced Organisational Resilience and Business Continuity leadership course is designed to rapidly accelerate knowledge and understanding of a broad range of subjects, providing participants with a robust basis for applying an integrated and intelligent approach to managing diverse threats to their organisation – protecting people, assets, information, business interests, operations and organisational reputation.

The program allows practitioners to both understand their specific roles and responsibilities within the framework of organisational resilience – but also critically to contextualise the needs, concerns and practices of other risk owners. As such, it both develops technical knowledge and allows practitioners to converse confidently across technical boundaries as a ‘rounded expert’ and ‘strategic advisor’ to their organisation.

The program also offers transformative change to an organisation’s approach to tackling the complex problem of designing and implementing resilience [and security risk management] programs.

This course includes a 4-day program of instruction coupled with over 53 hours of eLearning resources. The course provides participants 4 ILM leadership certifications for:

  • Crisis Leadership
  • Senior Leadership in the Management of Risk
  • Fraud, Corruption and Ethical Violations Investigations Management
  • Family Liaison in Crisis Event

The course is designed for security professionals as well as other risk portfolio owners, including senior headquarters and field leadership.

For more information, or to book a place on this course, please email info@rsmconsulting.us .


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