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One-Day Security Training (Refresher)

One-Day Security Training (Refresher) table
Start date13 Mar 2023
End date13 Mar 2023
Time9:00 am GMT |5:00 AM EDT
Provider Global Risk Advice
LocationAt our training facilities in Deventer, the Netherlands or location upon request Netherlands
Type Personal, Security, Personal Security, Field Security, Humanitarian, Personal protection, Personal safety and security, Situational awareness
Cost€ 350,-
Booking URLhttps://globalriskadvice.com/training/one-day-security-course/

Our 1-day security training is the perfect refresher, but also a great option for those who will be traveling to lower-risk areas. The training covers core topics of importance and serves as an upgrade in situational and security awareness. Our certified trainers not only support and coach participants throughout the training, but also during the period following the training. This allows participants to transfer learned objectives into daily practice.

Topics included:

  • Security awareness
  • Medical accident response
  • Risk-reducing behavior
  • Stress and mental resilience
  • Simulations

As every organization and mission is unique, the risks and required skills for staff vary. Next to our fixed trainings, we support organizations in specific questions that are not covered in regular security courses, or require such confidentiality that sharing the courses with other organizations is not an option. Tell us what you require. We are confident that we can be of full service to your specific needs.


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