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Mental Health & Resilience Training

Mental Health & Resilience Training table
Date1 Jun 2020
Provider International Location Safety (ILS)
Type Virtual
Booking URLhttps://locationsafety.com/training-calendar

4 Weeks • Instructor-led online course with The Practical Balance

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or other sources of significant stress; it’s our ability to ‘bounce back’ in response to challenges and setbacks.

Resilience is a vital component of our mental health, and, therefore, of our safety and security. Our brains and bodies are less able to deal with complexity, to be aware of threats around us, or to take appropriate action to mitigate the impact of risk when we are under too much pressure.

Like building a muscle, increasing resilience takes time and intentionality. Focusing on five core components — connection, wellness, healthy thinking, emotional agility and meaning — this 4-week course will empower participants to withstand, and learn from, difficult and traumatic experiences. The training will increase individuals’ capacity for resilience to weather, and grow from, the difficulties and challenges of operating in the aid and development community.

Mental Health and Resilience Training is suitable for all staff. Although it is not a substitute for specialist support, it is trauma-sensitive and provides practical tools and skills for all those dealing with uncertainty, stress, and deployment in complex environments.

This web-based training is delivered over 4 weeks through a combination of individual assignments and exercises, peer support and learning, and interaction with an ILS facilitator who specialises in stress management and resilience.

* If you are applying to join this course and you work for a local or national NGO you are eligible for a 20% discount on the course fees. Please ensure you select DISCOUNTED PLACE option on your preferred course start date

**PRICES QUOTED INCLUDE UK VAT at 20%. If you are purchasing this on behalf of an organisation that has trading activities, is based outside of the UK (EU or Non EU) and pays local VAT please contact us info@locationsafety.com as you may be eligible to pay minus UK VAT


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