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Humanitarian Supply Chain Management

Humanitarian Supply Chain Management table
Start date13 Nov 2022
End date17 Nov 2022
Time10:42 pm GMT |5:42 PM EST
Provider Bioforce
LocationErbil, Iraq
Type Team Management, Humanitarian
Booking URLhttps://www.bioforce.org/en/formation/humanitarian-programme-managing-safety-security-and-logistics/?f-thematique%5B%5D=382&f-objectif=0&f-cycle=0&f-duree=0&f-solution=0&f-mode=0&action=formations-filter&page=&type-formation=organisation

Bioforce have specifically tailored this training for the logisticians in the Middle East; with the trust of the strategic role of logistics and logisticians in the relevance, efficiency and cost effectiveness of humanitarian programs.

This training course aims to give you capacities to successfully manage the supply chain operations of your humanitarian projects and reduce the costs at the benefit of the supported populations.

From the early phases of project design to the delivery on the field and the last mile, Bioforce will address the keys to imagine integrated procurement, transport and storage-inventory strategies and find key success factors to implement them within a team. They also integrated into this training, the most current trends in the sector such as the fight against corruption and integration of ethical and sustainable analysis in the humanitarian supply chain.

The training will finally leave you a large space to share your experiences and learning together through case studies inspired by the regional humanitarian logistics challenges in the Middle East.

This training course is for you if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You already work as a logistician and you want to improve your skills in supply chain management.
  • You are an aid worker and you wish to develop a career in logistics or to better understand supply chain management
  • You are experienced in logistics of the public or private sector and wish to discover humanitarian logistics


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