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Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) – Amman, Jordan

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) – Amman, Jordan table
Start date10 Oct 2021
End date13 Oct 2021
Time9:00 am EEST |7:00 AM BST
Provider RedR Australia
LocationAmman, Jordan
Type Personal Security, First aid, Field Security, Humanitarian
Booking URLhttps://www.redr.org.au/training-courses/our-courses/hostile-environment-awareness-training-jordan/


The RedR Australia HEAT course is targeted at individuals and aid agency staff wanting to learn more about personal safety and security issues, and the steps they need to take to operate effectively in hostile or insecure environments. The course content and syllabus have been created with reference to the 2014 GISF research paper ‘NGO Safety and Security Training Project: How to Create Effective Security Training for NGOs’. The course is delivered in an immersive and fully residential setting over four days, with simulation elements conducted across multiple sites.

The training will be run in English and is supported by Arabic-speaking trainers and materials; participants will need to have a reasonable proficiency of the English language.

Course Objectives

Reduce the risk of injury and death to humanitarian workers by promoting:

  • An understanding of security risks in the field environment
  • The development of personal and team-based mitigation strategies
  • Effective use of communication and navigation devices
  • Successful application of emergency (tactical) first aid

Course Outline

  • Tactical first aid (full day of training delivered by medical professionals)
  • Humanitarian Security Context (including Image and Acceptance)
  • Trip Planning
  • Communications Protocol and Equipment
  • Field Preparedness and Evacuation
  • Critical Incident Stress
  • Navigation
  • Weapons Awareness: Judging Distance
  • Weapons Awareness: Movement under Fire
  • Basics of Negotiation
  • Sexual Assault
  • Hostage and Kidnap Survival (including Hostile Observation Awareness)
  • Physical Security
  • Vehicle Check Points/Road Blocks
  • Crowds, Mobs and Demonstrations
  • Incident Reporting


2400USD including all food, accommodation and training materials for four days and three nights, as well as course-related transfers to/from central Amman.


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