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Gender Security Training (Virtual)

Gender Security Training (Virtual) table
Start date27 May 2021
End date28 May 2021
Time1:00 pm CEST |7:00 AM EDT
Provider ACT Alliance Security Group
LocationVirtual - Zoom
Type Personal Security, Gender
CostNo Cost
Booking URLact.admin@act-security.org


Can your gender affect your security?  This program examines how each gender group can face different threats and risk levels. This is NOT just about women either. The program looks at men, women and LGBTI+ and how each can face unique challenges. Through presentations, break out group discussions, thought surveys and open dialogue, the program seeks to identify the drivers of these threats and develop methodologies to address each. Certificates are available subject to full attendance and participation.

Who Should attend? This program is aimed at security focal points, program and administration staff, those involved in gender programming and all those who feel their gender affects the risks they face every day.

Outcomes. This gender security program is part of a larger Gender Justice program of the ACT Alliance and funded by the Swedish International Development Organisation (SIDA). The gender security component seeks to examine our security risk management systems and how gender is often an overlooked aspect of our policies and practice, as well as in our programming.

Registration: To register, please contact act.admin@actalliance.org


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