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(FREC 3) First Response Emergency Care level 3 Qualsafe Award

(FREC 3) First Response Emergency Care level 3 Qualsafe Award table
Start date14 Nov 2022
End date18 Nov 2022
Time9:00 am GMT |4:00 AM EST
Provider Control Risks
LocationBiggleswade, United Kingdom
Type Other
Cost£550 GBP, per person
Booking URLhttps://www.controlrisks.com/our-services/training-and-development-solutions/dedicated-support-and-development-for-security-professionals/frec-3-first-response-emergency-care-level-3-qualsafe-award

The First Response Emergency Care level 3 provides emergency responders with an enhanced level of medical capability to deal with a casualty in a trauma or medical emergency. The course focuses on the provision of effective trauma medical management in all environments and industries.

Over 5 days, you will fulfil the competencies set out in the PHEM skills framework at descriptor level D, gaining the knowledge and practical skills needed to deal with a range of prehospital emergency care situations. The training includes theoretical and practical exercises with the emphasis on effective problem recognition and response.

Upon successful completion, candidates will be awarded certification – The QA Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (RQF), is an Ofqual Regulated Qualification accredited by Qualsafe Awards. Valid for three years.

Our training package includes:

  • Roles & responsibilities of a first responder
  • Medical emergencies
  • Patient assessment
  • Airway management
  • Adult, child and infant CPR &
  • AED usage
  • Return of spontaneous circulation
  • (ROSC) procedures
  • Emergency oxygen
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Catastrophic bleeding
  • Shock
  • Poisoning and intoxicating substances
  • External and internal bleeding
  • Helmet removal
  • Neck, spine and pelvic immobilisation
  • Environmental exposure
  • Burns and scolds
  • Minor injuries
  • Incident reporting

Who should attend?

Designed for individuals that work in high risks environments, the event or security medical sector, or those who work in emergency services. The course is designed to accommodate all levels of experience from those with no previous medical experience to individuals who require refresher training.


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