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Defensive Road Safety Driver Training

Defensive Road Safety Driver Training table
Start date16 Jan 2023
End date25 Jan 2023
Provider Business-Risk Consulting
LocationGoma, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Type Driver Training
Booking URLinfo@business-riskconsulting.com

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Are you looking to enhance your driver’s skills and awareness, reduce their exposition to road risks, change road safety behavioural management in order to reduce your fleet management costs and enable your drivers to be more efficient, and have a safer and more respectful approach while on the road?

Road fatalities are an important cause of concern for transport authorities, road users in general and drivers are at the forefront daily.

Injuries sustained as a result of road traffic incidents are the leading cause of death among young people, which is a concern for all.

There is a pressing need for a long-term and specific approach to road safety that extends beyond infrastructural measures hence enhancing awareness, relearning the fundamentals and focusing on/improving driver’s behaviour.

We are a specialised road safety driving training provider on civilian armoured vehicles and light vehicles with an operational focus on difficult settings and hostile environments.

We have developed specific driver training and road safety programs aimed at aid and development organisations, humanitarian agencies and security-oriented transport professionals operating in difficult to high road risk environments as well as hostile environment settings

We are fully operational to conduct road safety and defensive driving course all over the world and all our courses are strictly Covid-19 safe compliant.

Our driving courses are designed to fulfil the needs and enhance the skills of every driver or transport staff using either an armoured or light vehicle within their specific context of operation.

This bespoke road safety program is delivered through theoretical lessons and on/off-road coaching sessions aimed at all drivers and we want to play our role by improving and training our students to be confident, respectful and safer drivers on the road.

Developing their motivation by coaching them to effectively be more proactive and enhance their safety and security awareness attitude while driving.

Our road safety defensive driver training is conducted to avoid and reduce road traffic accidents, and correct unprofessional attitudes and behaviours by providing a road safety awareness management policy enabling our participants to be more efficient and safe on the streets or roads and beyond reducing fleet management costs

Our specialist driving training is more intense and demanding as each driver will encounter and react to scenario-based exercises putting them under pressure so that they might almost feel it’s a real-life incident.


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