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Auditorías de seguridad

Auditorías de seguridad (2013) es una sencilla guía que puede ayudar a la hora examinar el sistema de gestión de seguridad de una organización. Una auditoría de sistemas de gestión de seguridad consiste en una revisión basada en pruebas de la…

1 Mar 2014 Resource

Managing the Message: Communication and media management in a security crisis

Managing the Message: Communication and Media Management in a Security Crisis, a guide written by Sara Davidson (2013), offers guidance on communication and media management following a critical incident involving one or more members of national or international staff. Communication and…

1 Oct 2013 Resource

Security Audits

Security Audits (2013) provides a simple guide which can be used to examine the security management system of an organisation. A security management system (SMS) audit is an evidence-based review of the system’s structure and functions and a test of the…

1 Sep 2013 Resource

Health Care in Danger – Making the Case

In 2008, the ICRC (the International Committee of the Red Cross) launched a study to look at how violence affects the delivery of health care in 16 countrie swhere it is operational. Reports of incidents were collected from a variety…

1 Aug 2011 Resource

Russia’s North Caucasus: an arc of insecurity

This paper by CSS (2011) gives a brief history of relations between Russia and the North Caucasus, including tactics by the Russian government to combat secessionist and more recently terrorist threats. This includes an examination of Medvedev’s modernisation policy, stating…

1 Jun 2011 Resource

Open NGO Security Policy

Guideline provided by the Centre for Safety and Development (2011). This NGO Security Policy is for guidance only, for small NGOs without field offices or expats. It has to be tailored to the characteristics of your organisation, mandate and context.

1 May 2011 Resource

Security Guidelines

This Security Guidelines should be seen as an extension of any organisation’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the Country Security Plan. Whereas the SOPs are obligatory, the Guidelines may not be. They act as a guide in various situations and…

1 Mar 2011 Resource

Crime, politics and violence in post-Earthquake Haiti

In this 2010 peacebrief by Louis-Alexandre Berg and the United States Institute of Peace, the rise of crimes in Haiti after the earthquakes are analysed. “Crime and violence is increasing in Haiti because significant numbers of prisoners (around 5000) escaped…

28 Sep 2010 Resource