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Private Security Providers

Lessons for Your Travel Risk Management From a Kidnap

This document (2019) describes a kidnapping incident involving an Italian construction company in Libya, which was brought to court in 2015, and outlines the lessons learned from the case for travel security management.

4 Feb 2019 Resource

Abduction and Kidnap Risk Management Guide

Abduction and Kidnap Risk Management provides a concise summary of key information for non-governmental organisations facing the threat of a potential or actual abduction of one of their staff members or other individuals under their responsibility, for example, consultants or volunteers. Abductions…

9 Nov 2017 Resource

Guide to selecting appropriate Crisis Management Insurance

This guidance document (2017) was developed by Harry Linnell who is a Crisis Management Insurance Broker at RKH Specialty. It provides guidance to NGOs on the questions to consider before taking out crisis management insurance.

15 Mar 2017 Resource

Greater Accountability and Respect for Human Rights: A Contract Guidance Tool for Private Security Services

As an NGO, do you hire or are you considering hiring a private security company (PSC) to ensure the security of your operations? Do you implement guidelines for the hiring of private security services? How do you select a PSC? Does the contract include respect for human rights? DCAF is developing a practical Contract Guidance Tool to support humanitarian NGOs, as well as states, international organisations and other clients to include human rights-based considerations in their contracting of PSCs. DCAF believes your insights and experiences can help inform other clients in similar circumstances. Contact DCAF at ppps@dcaf.ch to get involved in this project: share your experiences and good practices, discuss what tools and guidance would be useful for you, or give DCAF feedback on their Contract Guidance Tool.

7 Nov 2016 Blog

Second session of the open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group (IGWG) to consider the possibility of an international regulatory framework on the regulation, monitoring and oversight of the activities of private military and security companies (PMSCs)

The increasing useage of private military and security companies has led to an increased need for standard regulations and expectations. This paper represents the International Commission of Jursists’ (ICJ) contribution to addressing this issue, outlining the nature and scope of…

22 Dec 2015 Resource

Event report: humanitarian action in fragile contexts

On Tuesday 8th July representatives from academia, INGOs, the private sector, journalists and other interested parties gathered at King’s College London to discuss key issues around new actors and the changing humanitarian space and how they will impact on security risk management (SRM). The focal point of the evening was GISF’s report on The Future of Humanitarian Security in Fragile Contexts, written in conjunction with the Humanitarian Futures Programme (HFP) at King’s College.

8 Aug 2014 Blog