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Private Security Providers

How Sexual Misconduct Threatens the Security Industry

This article by Julie Anne Friend (2018) explores the under-discussed phenomenon of sexual misconduct in the security industry. The author discusses personal experiences and the experiences of others, and suggests specific ways in which the security sector can work together…

23 Jul 2019 Resource

Preventing and Addressing SEA in Private Security Operations

GISF’s Executive Director Lisa Reilly joined the panel in Geneva on 14 May 2019, to discuss the topic Preventing and Addressing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Private Security Operations. During the webinar, Lisa shared some of the lessons the NGO sector…

14 May 2019 Resource

Duty of Care: delusions and solutions

A new blog from by the Centre for Safety and Development explores Duty of Care and introduces the new Duty of Care Matrix by Coalition of Care.

3 May 2019 Post

Lessons for Your Travel Risk Management From a Kidnap

This document (2019) describes a kidnapping incident involving an Italian construction company in Libya, which was brought to court in 2015, and outlines the lessons learned from the case for travel security management.

4 Feb 2019 Resource

Abduction and Kidnap Risk Management Guide

Abduction and Kidnap Risk Management provides a concise summary of key information for non-governmental organisations facing the threat of a potential or actual abduction of one of their staff members or other individuals under their responsibility, for example, consultants or volunteers. Abductions…

9 Nov 2017 Resource