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Local Action

LAC Regional Security Meeting | Panama

The meeting is planned to support coordination and collaboration on security risk management in the LAC Region, through capacity sharing, information dissemination and relationship building.

9 Jun 2022 Event

Aid Worker Security Report 2021

Historically, the most dangerous operational settings for aid workers have been places where armed conflict is occurring. Most of the aid worker casualties (fatalities, serious injuries and abductions) result from attacks by non-state armed actors engaged in asymmetric conflict and…

8 Nov 2021 Resource

The ‘Insight’

Jason joined GISF in December 2020 as Deputy Director for the Americas and since then has been helping NGOs deal with the fall out of the pandemic. Prior to that he worked for World Vision as a Global Security Advisor…

2 Nov 2021 Resource

HELP Logistics Have Launched Their Bi-Annual Survey

The survey is targeting actors operating in the humanitarian space including humanitarian organisations and agencies, government entities, commercial companies and donor organisations. The survey is…

24 Sep 2021 Post