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A ‘Disinformation Year’ in Review

About this Event Join Women in International Security (WIIS) for a timely conversation on misinformation and disinformation with Kate Starbird, Associate Professor in the Department…

20 Jan 2021 Event

Family Guy – Radio Communication

This Family Guy clip, in a comedic style, provides an insight into the correct way to conduct radio communication. The video specifically focuses on the proper use of ‘over’ within radio communication.  

19 Jan 2021 Resource

International Security Week

Since the postponement of International Security Expo, International Cyber Expo and International Disaster Response Expo, Nineteen Group have worked tirelessly to ensure we continue to…

11 Nov 2020 Event

Disinformation and security risk management for NGOs

The changing contextual dynamics also include COVID-19’s impact on humanitarian security risk management. Broader security risk management, which also focuses on community acceptance, should too…

31 Jul 2020 Blog