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Knowmium – Icebreakers

Knowmium has created a variety of tools to help you improve your virtual trainings with interactive virtual icebreakers. Such as quizzes, polls, stories and many more. Access the resources here. 

2 Mar 2021 Resource

Knowmium’s Radically Remote Book

Knowmium has created a book, called ‘Radically Remote’, to help everyone understand how to make the virtual leap. This book has been designed to be used in conjunction with Knowmium’s Radical Resource Toolkit. 

2 Mar 2021 Resource

Knowmium – Zoom and Apps Tutorials

Knowmium have created a range of video tutorials to show you how to make the most of zoom and other apps to improve virtual engagement. Access here.

2 Mar 2021 Resource

Knowmium – Toolkit for Virtual Training

Knowmium has created a toolkit to help you improve your virtual trainings and events. The toolkit includes a range of activities for remote interactions. Activities include backgrounds, breakouts, polls, quizzes, story, visuals and games etc. Access here.    

2 Mar 2021 Resource

EISF- Remote Crisis Management Exercise

This training resource contains multiple materials to be used to conduct a comprehensive and fictional crisis management training exercise.

26 Jan 2021 Resource

Staff Mgmt – Emotional Literacy

In this RedR ‘talking point’ video Dr. John Roberts, Judge Institute of Management Studies at the University of Cambridge, stresses the importance of having and developing emotional literacy when working in dangerous environments. These environments include the external environment and…

25 Jan 2021 Resource