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HNPW x GISF | Acceptance & Access

HNPW x GISF Increasing attacks on aid workers continue jeopardising the sustainability of aid operations. Last year, 484 major attacks against aid workers were reported,…

29 Mar 2021 Event

Fight Inequality – Together We Can End Poverty and Injustice

Everyone has the right to a just and sustainable world in which they can thrive. But billions are still trapped in poverty and injustice. Today’s economic models have failed the world. Unjust systems have concentrated power in the hands of…

26 Mar 2021 Resource

SCORE Global Synthesis Report 2020

The Global Score Report highlights the national and international entities identified in the survey and data findings as especially effective at reaching people in hard-to-reach areas, and some emerging practices and new models that hold promise. These include peer-to-peer learning…

11 Feb 2021 Resource

Inter P Comms – Checkpoint

 This RedR ‘talking point video’ shows aid workers acting in a disrespectful manner at a checkpoint which causes a dangerous and negative response.  

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Humanitarian Access SCORE Report: 2020 Global Synthesis

Access is the central and overriding problem in humanitarian action. Defined as both people’s ability to reach aid and aid’s ability to reach people, humanitarian access is the precondition for effective and principled emergency response. The worst conflict-driven humanitarian crises…

26 Nov 2020 Resource

Compounding Crises, Episode 1: Partnerships in Crisis

In the first episode of Compounding Crises, the third GISF Podcast series, we speak to Léa Moutard, GISF’s Research Advisor. Since joining GISF in August 2019, Léa has been managing a new research project on Partnerships and Security Risk Management:…

15 Jul 2020 Resource