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HNPW x GISF | Acceptance & Access

HNPW x GISF Increasing attacks on aid workers continue jeopardising the sustainability of aid operations. Last year, 484 major attacks against aid workers were reported,…

29 Mar 2021 Event

Staff Mgmt – Know Your Staff

 This RedR ‘talking point’ video demonstrates the importance of knowing your staff, particularly local staff and partners when operating abroad. This clip highlights the dangerous outcomes that can occur when working with staff you do not know and how they…

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Staff Mgmt – Private Space

This RedR ‘talking point’ video shows the importance of behaving appropriately when working abroad at all time, which includes out of office hours. Individual behaviours reflect on everyone else in your organisation. 

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Inter P Comms – Megaphone

This Red R ‘taking point’ video shows the use of Megaphones as an impersonal and unsuccessful way to address the public.

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Inter P Comms – Mark Knight

In this Red R ‘taking point’ clip, Mark Knight shares a personal in-field experience. Mark successfully used inter-personal communication with an armed rebel commander in Sierra Leone to remain safe in a hostile situation.  

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Image & Acceptance – How are you Perceived

 In this Red R ‘taking point’ video Koenraad van Brabant, Author of ‘Operational Security Management in Violent Management’ discusses the need to be aware of how you are perceived.  

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Image & Acceptance – Born to be Wild

In this Red R ‘taking point’ video entitled ‘born to be wild’ demonstrates the impact of aid workers acting in a disrespectful manner in the countries they are operating within.

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Image & Acceptance – Being a Political Agent

In this Red R ‘taking point’ video John Ryle from Rift Valley Institute discusses being a political agent. John highlights the need for humanitarian organisations to understand that they are perceived as political agents when supplying aid in a conflict…

25 Jan 2021 Resource