You can make this Toolbox available offline by clicking the “Download now” button on the Toolbox homepage. It will then ensure the Toolbox content is up-to-date whenever you’re online, and keep it available for offline use as well.

Once you’ve opted into offline use, you also have the option to add it to your device as a standalone app. The process for doing this will depend on your device and browser, but some common methods are:

  • OnĀ Android mobile devices: Clicking the “Install app to your homescreen” prompt that pops up in your browser when you visit the toolbox homepage.
  • On Apple IOS devices: Clicking the “Share” button in Safari, then selecting “Add to Home screen”.
  • On desktop versions: Clicking the small “Install” prompt that appears in the browser address bar (e.g. on desktop versions of Chrome).
  • In other desktop and mobile browsers: Opening the browser’s settings menu, and selecting “Install app” or “Add shortcut to homescreen”.