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      Abduction Management of Critical Incidents

      Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management

      Abduction of aid workers has risen sharply in particular contexts in the past decade.  Abduction is a “unique form of critical incident”, characterised by its ongoing, “live” nature, often extended duration, the pressure of decision-making and uncertainty.  Though the essential…

      Paper, Briefing 2010 English GISF publication

      Crisis Management of Critical Incidents

      Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management

      No matter how good the risk management system, aid workers operate in areas where risk of critical incidents cannot be eliminated.  And thus agencies must form and constantly seek to update and strengthen robust crisis response mechanisms, from incident reporting processes through…

      Paper, Briefing 2010 English GISF publication

      Risk Thresholds in Humanitarian Assistance

      Civil-Military, Context Analysis, Legal Obligations, NGO Security Management, Safety

      This GISF Report (2011) examines how humanitarian organisations express their attitudes to risk, and considers how priorities at different organisational levels might be better integrated when decisions are made on whether to accept or reject certain risks. Section 1 reviews the risk management…

      Report 2010 English GISF publication

      Safety First: A safety and security handbook for aid workers

      Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management, Safety

      Shaun Bickley through Safety First (2010) provides useful reminders and easy-reference chapters to be consulted as safety and security issues arise. Not only is this book essential reading for staff about to take up their first field positions, it should…

      Guidance Material 2010 English

      Humanitarian Risk Initiatives: Index Report December 2009

      Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management

      This report provides an index of various initiatives related to safety and security of aid agencies and their staff. The purpose of this report is to inform readers of the projects themselves, who is responsible for or participating in each…

      Report 2009 English

      Narco-Jihad: Drug trafficking and Security in Afghanistan and Pakistan

      Context Analysis

      This 2009 co-written paper deals with drug-trafficking and security in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The topic is introduced by Peter Mandaville by a comprehensive forward. The first article deals with “The Drug Economy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Military Conflict in…

      Paper 2009 English

      Risk transfer through hardening mentalities?

      Acceptance, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management

      In light of the attacks against the United Nations in both Peshawar and Kabul in autumn 2009, the UN has decided to “harden” itself as a target, using a protection-based strategy to reduce the vulnerability of its staff.  But to…

      Article 2009 English GISF publication