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      GISF Newsletter – 09 August 2022

      NGO Security Management

      In the latest edition of the GISF newsletter, you can read about our upcoming professionalisation of SRM webinar, road safety webinar, the latest SRM blogs and more.

      Other 2022 English GISF publication

      Tip Sheet: Workplace wellbeing and safeguarding

      Policy Guidance, Safety, Wellbeing

      This tip sheet has been developed to help civil society organisations (CSOs) define and understand what wellbeing is and to connect staff wellbeing to work relating to Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment (SEAH) and other harms. It also aims…

      Guidance Material 2022 English

      Can we trust the aid sector to keep people safe?


      Safeguarding Matters is a podcast series hosted by the Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub where they discuss matters relating to safeguarding and Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment in the aid sector. Conversations are conducted with thought leaders and practitioners…

      Podcast 2022 English

      Safeguarding Essentials Package

      Policy Guidance, Safety, Wellbeing

      The Resource & Support Hub has created a package containing “Safeguarding Essentials” for organisations in the humanitarian and development sectors who are starting their safeguarding work. It is designed with civil society organisations (CSOs) in mind and looks specifically at…

      Tool, Guidance Material 2022 English

      Prevention and Deterrence of Sexual Harassment, Misconduct and Assault

      Policy Guidance, Wellbeing

      A US Naval Academy document, issuing policy and guidance on the prevention and deterrence of sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault within the Brigade of Midshipmen, Naval academy Preparatory School (NAPS) Battalion, and all military and civilian personnel within the purview…

      Guidance Material 2022 English

      GISF Podcast | Inclusive Security E6: Security Managers of Today

      This is the sixth episode of GISF’s new Inclusive Security Podcast Series. This episode focuses on Security Managers of Today featuring guest speaker Javeria Ayaz Malik, Global Safety and Security Lead at ActionAid International and Chair of the International NGO…

      Podcast 2022 English GISF publication

      A Helping Hand Has No Geopolitical Allegiance

      Context Analysis, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues

      An article, written by Nicholas Kerastas and published by NetHope, focused on the neutural stance Humanitarians must take when it comes to delivering aid. You can find the article here.  

      Article 2022 English

      Tactical Tech: security-in-a-box

      A number of Tactical Tech resources providing advice and guidance on passwords, communications, phones & computers, internet connection, and files. You can find the resource here.

      Tool 2022 English

      Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub for Eastern Europe

      Context Analysis, Wellbeing

      The Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub for Eastern Europe serves organisations and people responding to the war in Ukraine. It provides practical and accessible safeguarding resources aiming to reduce the risk of harm. The resource is provided by the Eastern…


      Ethiopia Situation Report: 18 July 2022

      Context Analysis

      Insecurity Insight has released its situation report on the developing situation in Ethiopia. You can download the report on the left.

      Report 2022 English