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MENA Regional Analysis-Libya

This document (2015) is part of a multi-country analysis by Other Solutions EU focusing on MENA hotspots. The document gives an overview of the developing crisis in Libya, analysing key players, and further assessing the most recent development in the Country.

1 Jun 2015 Resource

No Escape – Civilians in Syria Struggle to Find Safety Across Borders

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and International Rescue Committee (IRC) report on Syrian Civilians difficulty to find safe border crossings, they outline their recommendations for the international community, host countries and humanitarian agencies, NRC and IRC further analyse the context of Syrian…

8 Dec 2014 Resource

Understanding French Policy toward Chad and Sudan? A difficult task

This report by Roland Marchal tries to understand the French policy towards the african countries of Chad and Sudan. It starts by noting the discrepancies during the previous year in french statements regarding those countries, and it then analysis the…

5 Sep 2014 Resource

The Cost of Security Risk Management for NGOs

The Cost of Security Risk Management for NGOs (2013) explores the costs related to safety and security management for aid programmes. It aims to assist all aid practitioners to determine their risk management expenditure more accurately, and demonstrate an evidence-based…

15 Mar 2013 Resource