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The Refugee Explosion

This report sets out to examine the links between explosive violence and the mass influx of refugees into Europe, as well as to look at the impact this has had on EU nations, and to understand what protection and support…

28 Jul 2017 Resource

Presence and Proximity: to stay and deliver, five years on

This study by Ashley Jackson and Steven A. Zyck (commissioned by OCHA, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), and the Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA), identifies a series of findings related to the overarching issue of whether humanitarian actors have…

28 Jul 2017 Resource

Insecurity – always an insurmountable obstacle?

This paper by Pete Buth (Médecins sans frontières, 2017), drawing partly on some of the findings of the study, attempts to offer a reflection on the subject of risk acceptance, and some of the underlying factors that –apart from the…

28 Jul 2017 Resource

Mission Ready Annual Report

This report (2017) is the impact assessment for the first year of the Mission Ready: Field Security Management online learning course, which launched in October 2015.

28 Jul 2017 Resource

Impunity Must End: Attacks on health in 23 countries in conflict in 2016

The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition announces the publication of Impunity Must End, its fourth annual report on attacks on health around the world. The report documents attacks on health workers, health facilities, and patients in 23 countries in conflict in 2016. Its…

5 May 2017 Resource