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Policy Document

Introduction to CBRNE Terrorism

In the event of CBRNE terrorism the rescue and treatment of victims and control or containment of fire and other hazards will be greatly complicated by the  fact that the site may also be contaminated with substances that pose an…

22 Dec 2015 Resource

The UK’s review of humanitarian aid: an agenda of radical change?

This two page document by the ODI (Overseas Development Institute, 2011) summarises the Humanitarian Emergency Response Review (HERR) commissioned by the UK government to look into how the UK should respond to rapid-onset humanitarian emergencies. It claims the HERR gives a very…

1 Apr 2011 Resource

Risk in humanitarian action: Towards a common approach?

This report by Victoria Metcalfe, Ellen Martin and Sara Pantuliano (HPG- the Humanitarian Policy Group, 2011), depicts “the range of contextual, propragmmatic and institutional risks involved in humanitarian action, how these risks are viewed and managed by the humanitarian community.…

1 Jan 2011 Resource