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Preventing Violence Against Health Workers: From Theory to Practice

Violent acts that directly affect the delivery of health care range from indiscriminate violence, to direct attacks against health workers, obstruction and discrimination, as well as damage to health facilities and vehicles. Although violence affects health care in all countries, there has been increasing attention paid to the issue during armed conflicts and in other violent situations.

In December 2015, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and the Conflict and Health Research Group at King’s College hosted a public seminar and research workshop jointly with the Royal Society of Medicine’s Catastrophes and Conflict Forum to discuss violence against health workers with representatives from key international non-governmental organisations. The main aim of the event was to improve collaboration between the academic community and aid organisations. This paper by Rachel Irwin summarises the discussions that took place at the workshop.


Managing Risk – Why, when, how?

This paper looks at the challenges surrounding international travel and explores how organisations can manage these risks.

Boko Haram Nigeria’s Interminable Insurgency

Report on Boko Haram's continued insurgency in Nigeria. This document includes Boko Haram's impact, the Government of Nigeria's action and foreign involvement.