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Charity Cyber Guide: Your Defence Against Digital Risk

11 July 2018

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Charity Cyber Guide: Your Defence Against Digital Risk

Digital technology has enabled charities to do more. It has created opportunities for innovative new fundraising ideas, helped save time and resource and allowed us to store information more efficiently than ever before. On the other hand, the relentless evolution of cyber crime has highlighted the many vulnerabilities which exist for organisations and individuals alike. Charities are no exception. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) statistics show that the number of charities experiencing a data breach incident has increased by two thirds on an annual basis (April 2016-17 compared to April 2015-16). In 2016, the National Crime Agency reported that cyber-related crimes had exceeded the level of physical crimes committed and it accounted for 36% of all cyber crime. This guide covers some of the risks and opportunities presented by embracing digital solutions.


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