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International Emergency Contact List

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23 January 2019

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International Emergency Contact List

This document provides a list of contact details for consular departments, ministries of foreign affairs, and crisis units around the world. Many of these numbers are for emergency use only and anyone seeking to validate these details or make non-urgent queries should visit the relevant website for the country in question to ensure that the correct contact number or email address is used.


Illicit Drug Funding: The Surprising Systemic Similarities Between the FARC and the Taliban

This interesting report offers a detailed case study of both the FARC and the Taliban, with particular focus on their involvement in the drugs trade as their primary (and illicit) source of funding, including cultivation, production and trafficking. It describes the similarities between the two groups as ‘startling’, and the…

The Humanitarian Metadata Problem: “Doing no harm” in the Digital Era

The aim of this research paper is to provide people who work in the humanitarian sphere with the knowledge they need to understand the risks involved in the use of certain new technologies. This paper also discusses the “do no harm” principle and how it applies in a digital environment.

The Information Management Challenge: A Briefing on information security for humanitarian Non-Governmental Organisations in the field

This GISF Report describes the "information management challenge" - that of ensuring the security of sensitive information in the difficult conditions that may exist in many field offices, and where the risk of surveillance is present.