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Middle East and North Africa

States and Sovereignty in the Middle East: Myths and Realities

This article by Louise Fawcett (2017) evaluates recent events against evolving patterns and conceptions of statehood and sovereignty over time. It argues that understanding the contemporary region requires stepping back from the present and taking a long view of the…

15 Sep 2017 Resource

MENA Region Humanitarian Safety & Security Forum

The MENA Region Humanitarian Safety & Security Forum was created in September 2015 after a meeting of INGOs comprising regional safety & security actors.  A need was identified for a regional-level fora where like-minded organizations could network and share information in the…

18 Apr 2017 Resource

In Search of Safety in Iraq

This report (2016) looks at how Iraqis risk their lives trapped in conflict or try to escape, and whether there are learnings from Anbar that can be applied to Mosul. Available in Arabic as well.

10 Apr 2017 Resource

Kurdish Self-governance in Syria – Survival and Ambition

This paper by Ghadi Sary (2016) assesses the development of the local administration of Rojava, its context within Syria and the wider Kurdish political scene. It aims to present a different perspective on the challenges, opportunities and threats faced by…

7 Apr 2017 Resource

No Escape: Civilians in Syria Struggle to Find Safety Across Borders

Life for Syrians trying to escape violence has reached a new level of hopelessness. Active conflict prevents aid from reaching those stuck inside Syria, while border controls are tightening, reducing civilians’ ability to flee. In neighbouring countries, health care, education…

22 Dec 2015 Resource

Safety and Security in Yemen: Main Challenges and Stakeholders

Ensuring safety and security has been one of the most pressing challenges for Yemeni society. In this short article, Mohammad Al-Shami (2015) looks at the factors causing instability and reducing security in Yemen, including the presence of non-state armed actors…

12 Nov 2015 Resource