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Evidence Aid – Evidence Collections and Resources

Evidence Aid aims to save lives and livelihoods in disasters by providing decision-makers with the best available evidence and by championing its use. You can visit their website, which includes a range of Resources and Evidence Collections for decision makers,…

17 Feb 2023 Resource

Online Risk to Real Life Harm: disinformation and social listening workshop resources

On 07 and 09 February, GISF was joined by Sandrine Tiller (Humanitarian Access and Networking Team Coordinator, MSF); Divya Pushkarna (Disinformation Advisor, MSF); Tom Keunen (Global Security Officer, Free Press Unlimited); and Anah Ayala Iacucci (Independent Consultant) for a two-part workshop on disinformation and social…

17 Feb 2023 Resource

Call for Tender: security risk management (SRM) policy resource and toolkit

Apply today to develop our security risk management policy resource and toolkit! Background: The Global Interagency Security (GISF) is an independent network of security focal points representing humanitarian, development, and human rights NGOs operating internationally (from now on, referred to…

10 Feb 2023 Resource

GISF Snapshot Annual Report | January – December 2022

The GISF Snapshot Annual Report January – December 2022 features some of GISF’s highlights of 2022 and serves to inform members, donors and stakeholders of the impact GISF has had on NGO security management during the reporting period. This is…

7 Feb 2023 Resource