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The State of Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan

The State of Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan table
Date22 Mar 2022
Time2:00 pm GMT |10:00 am
Provider AidEx
Type Virtual
CostNo cost
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The State of Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan

Seven months after the Taliban took control of the country and international funding froze, public services collapsed and women lost most of their rights, the economy keeps on spiraling downward, 97% of Afghans are facing extreme poverty and cannot meet basic needs.

In this Aidex webinar co-created with Amani Institute, Afghan and International key witnesses on the ground will share what it takes to face this humanitarian crisis, with thought-provoking examples of challenges and success in a context where accepting a compromise, may be the only way to save lives.

  • Vicki Aken, International Rescue Committee (IRC), Afghanistan Director
  • Sakena Yacoobi, Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL), President & Executive Director
  • Negina Yari, Afghanistan Peace House , Founder
  • Emanuele Nannini, Emergency, Afghanistan Country Director
  • Francesca Folda, Amani Institute, Global Communication Director


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