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Diverse careers within Security risk management | GISF at HNPW

Diverse careers within Security risk management | GISF at HNPW table
Date21 Apr 2023
Time1:00 pm 2:30 pm BST |8:00 am9:30 am EDT
Type Virtual
CostNo cost
Booking URLhttps://vosocc.unocha.org/Report.aspx?page=o0t9pExuBwNFvxxxslashQYr0MUmUmW5AxxxplusLO7cJWE2fY68IALa9d3PUyBLixxxslashAxxxequalxxxequal


Security risk management requires a security workforce that is technically proficient, diverse and inclusive. This session hosted by UNHCR and UN Women will explore how organisations have increased their inclusivity and diversity within the security workforce. The session will also highlight career development pathways of a range of security professionals.


Moderator: Cynthia Keza Birikundavyi – Senior Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Division of Human Resources, UNHCR

Leadership Roundtable:

  • Paul O’Hanlon – UN Women Global Security Advisor
  • Paul Farrell – UNICEF Principal Security Coordinator
  • Florence Poussin – UNDSS Deputy Director Division of Regional Operations

Operations in Practice:

  • Ghinwa El Ahmed – UNHCR Field Security Officer, Mekelle Ethiopia
  • Maryam Saade – Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
  • Aaina Chopra – UN Women Security & Safety Mainstreaming and Programme Criticality Advisor
  • Maricar Purugganan-Adkins – IOM Security Policy and Training Coordination Officer

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