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Different faces of security: The power of inclusion in fostering innovation

Different faces of security: The power of inclusion in fostering innovation table
Date30 Jul 2020
Time5:00 pm 6:00 pm BST |12:00 pm1:00 pm EDT
Provider Security Institute
Type Virtual
Booking URLhttps://event.bookitbee.com/28453/300720-developing-inclusivity-in-security-sig

About this event

The Security Institute is excited to announce the launch of the Inclusive Security Special Interest Group (ISSIG). The aim of this group is to explore how engagement with all groups of society can improve innovation and how inclusive security leads to enhanced practices in the broader field of security.

We recognise that traditionally security professionals are a relatively homogeneous group, but the population we serve is not. This inaugural event brings together a variety of speakers who will share their expertise and personal experiences to illustrate the opportunities and challenges in the security sector for better inclusivity. Speakers include Security Institute Director Mahbubul Islam, Chair Emeritus of United Nations agency UN Women NC UK, Laura Haynes and Mark Grant, Regional Security Manager at Netflix, discussing industry challenges. Professor Alison Wakefield PhD CSyP FSyI, Chairman of the Security Institute will finish with a discussion on what comes next for the Security Institute and the Inclusive Security SIG.

It is anticipated the discussions during this webinar will lay the foundation for the work of the Inclusive Security SIG and all contributions are welcome as we set the agenda for the future.


Mahbubul Islam CSyP MSyI

Mahbubul is a Chartered Security Professional (CSyP) and a highly skilled Cyber Security expert with a detailed grounding in personnel, procedural, physical, and technical security. In that period, he has led numerous agile and non-agile teams on Security engagements in UK Government Departments.

His passion and focus have been on building inclusive and diverse security teams that are able adapt to the dynamic changes within security, whilst delivering on Governance, Risk and Compliance outcomes.

Mahbubul is a member of the SABSA Institute, CIISeC and The Security Institute. He is a keen supporter of mentoring programme within the security profession, including helping with the development of the security professionals in the UK Civil Service.

Mahbubul has been appointed a Non-Executive Director for the Security Institute as well as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). He remains focused as a CISO for HM Courts and Tribunal Services as the organisation delivers on a major transformational programme.

Laura Haynes

Laura’s experience includes over 25 years helping organisations to embrace change, build and enhance culture and expand potential through a unique approach that fuses strategic planning, innovation and intelligent design. This has led to the guiding principles behind the leading strategy and brand consultancy that she founded with its brand-led approach to building culture and sustainability in every organisation –  “Business Made Better”. The results are sustainable brands that deliver their core purpose and nurture loyalty.

A passionate advocate of the power of the brand and a dynamic, motivational speaker, Laura plays an active and contributory role in transformation in industry and public sector and speaks regularly at conferences and seminars on all aspects of brand, culture, social impact and change.

Laura is Chair Emeritus of United Nations agency UN Women NC UK, having spent 3 years chairing the organisation. In this capacity she works closely with the corporate partners and government bodies to represent the UN and identify opportunities for diversity and inclusion.

Laura is also currently a Director of the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, a higher education facility built on the legacy of excellence in artistic and creative development and focused on creativity and innovation in all forms; and a Trustee of the Sophie Hayes Foundation, a not-for-profit that works with survivors of Trafficking and Slavery to help them to establish sustainable independence through education, mentorship and employment.

Laura previously held the positions of Chair of Appetite Consultancy, Director of FutureLondon Enterprises, Board Trustee of The Legacy List, set up Boris Johnson to support the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games; Board Director of STEM Learning Labs, a technology innovation company,  Board Director of ArtsCommons, Chair of Alberta Ballet (Canada), and the  President of the DBA.

An American, Laura was educated at McGill University in Canada, and the Courtauld Institute, University of London, U.K. Although she has made the UK her permanent home, Laura has lived for periods in the U.S., Canada, France and Tunisia and is currently residing in London. Laura is a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts (UK). Laura is married and has two extraordinary daughters.

Mark Grant

Mark has worked in the security industry for 11 years, gaining experience in a number of operational roles living and working across the Middle East and Africa. More recently, Mark has developed himself as a security leader in support of the news, media and entertainment industries, including working at the BBC and CNN and now holds the position of Regional Security Manager for Netflix.

Mark is passionate about advancing education and professionalisation within the security industry. In addition to his professional career, he is also about to start his final year of a Professional Doctorate in Security Risk Management (DSyRM) where he is looking at the risk management process of deploying news teams to areas of conflict.

Professor Alison Wakefield PhD CSyP FSyI

Professor Alison Wakefield PhD CSyP FSyI is Chairman of the Security Institute and Professor of Criminology and Security Studies at the University of West London. She is also an Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, an Advisory Council member for the International Security Expo and International Disaster Response Expo, a member of a number of journal editorial boards, and Academic Adviser to the Chartered Security Professionals Registration Authority, having chaired the Security Institute working party that devised the pathways to becoming a Chartered Security Professional. Alison was identified as one of SC UK’s 50 Women of Influence 2019, recognising women who stood out as role models or campaigners in the UK cyber security sector through the year. She has published three books, and is currently completing a new book for Sage Publications called Security and Crime: Converging Perspectives on a Complex World, due for publication in early 2021.


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