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Afghanistan at a turning point

Afghanistan at a turning point table
Date19 Aug 2021
Time4:00 pm 5:30 pm BST |11:00 am12:30 pm EDT
Provider BBC Monitoring
AddressVirtual - Zoom
Type Virtual
CostNo Cost
Booking URLhttps://bbc-monitoring.co.uk/campaign/RwbbAiso/61c5e6c544f807bb11a460f0/ddebc83c63d62f558b764304c79c8273?wp-linkindex=0&utm_campaign=Invitation__Live_webinar_hosted_by_BBC_Monitoring_Afghanistan_19_August_HMG&utm_content=bbc-monitoring.co.uk&utm_content=bbc-monitoring.co.uk&utm_medium=email&utm_source=BBC_Monitoring

Twenty years after the US-led invasion, the Taliban are back in control of Afghanistan. Will we see a return to the Taliban of the 1990s or have they changed? How are they getting their messages across and how effective is their strategy? Will Jihadist groups thrive again under their protection? What role will Pakistan, Iran and Central Asia play? And what does it mean for Russian and Chinese security and political interests?

Join BBC World presenter Yalda Hakim as she discusses these questions with our expert panel.

Yalda Hakim
Chief Presenter, BBC TV News Channels

Lyse Doucet
BBC Chief International Correspondent

Mohammad Haroon Rahmani
Afghanistan specialist, BBC Monitoring

Mina al-Lami
Jihadist Media Specialist, BBC Monitoring

Erica Marat
Associate Professor, US National Defense University

Andrew Watkins
Senior Expert, Afghanistan Peace Process, US Institute of Peace


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