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Published: August 13, 2014

ALNAP’s State of the System report

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ALNAP’s State of the System report is next due in 2015. Please see the important message below explaining how you (if you’ve been involved in ANY humanitarian response lately) can contribute to this research.

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The State of the Humanitarian System (SOHS) report provides a system level mapping and assessment of international humanitarian assistance. It does this by defining key criteria for evaluating system performance and progress. Every 3 years the performance of the system is reassessed against these criteria and lessons learned are shared.

Commissioned by ALNAP and authored by Humanitarian Outcomes, the report offers a comprehensive picture of the shape and size of the system and insights into the ‘bigger picture’ of trends and performance in the sector. It incorporates perspectives from those who receive aid, as well as practitioners from across the globe and at all levels of seniority. A pilot version of the report was published in 2010 and the first edition was published in 2012. Read these and find out more at http://www.alnap.org/what-we-do/sohs


The resurgence of al-Shabaab in Somalia and implications for the humanitarian sector

Kenya, along with a number of African Union countries operating under the umbrella of AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia), moved into southern Somalia in 2012 in order to contain al-Shabaab’s movements following a series of attacks by the group in northern Kenya. The AMISOM mission was able to expel…


Saving Lives Together: what it is and why it matters

Saving Lives Together (SLT) is an initiative that aims to improve collaboration on safety and security between the United Nations (UN), international NGOs (INGOs) and international organisations. However, there are still gaps and misconceptions around SLT. The recent publication of the SLT framework and associated guidelines in French and Spanish will broaden access and engagement through the sector. In this blog, GISF Executive Director Lisa Reilly explains what SLT actually is and the important role the framework plays in bringing together key stakeholders in the humanitarian sector on safety and security issues.

Global 2021

RESPECT – A Resilience Toolkit for Humanitarians

In this blog, Fiona Dunkley discusses her RESPECT resilience toolkit, created to support security managers and aid workers in building personal resilience.